Who We Are

War Games LLC is owned and operated exclusively by military veterans, with the goal of providing games and leisure activities for military active and retired alike, as well as donating proceeds to reputable charities to assist veterans. We take pride in providing only the best gaming content for our military men and women. However, our games are designed to still be fun for our civilian friends and family alike.


Our Products

FUBAR is the first game in the style of Cards Against Humanity to be released specifically for military veterans. Players take turns acting as judge, drawing and reading one of the black prompt cards… continue reading
FUBAR: ARMY expansion is the first add-on to our hit game FUBAR. Get those boots on the ground because FUBAR is back Army Style!… continue reading
The third iteration of our breakout hit FUBAR focuses on the Marine Corps, providing specialized hilarity for our water-dwelling friends… continue reading
The fourth iteration of FUBAR focuses on the Navy. Once you’re done scrubbing the poop deck, it’s time to play a FUBAR deck for the aquatic-minded… continue reading
Blue Falcon is a hilarious game about military life, where you do your best to screw over your buddies to get ahead… just like in real life! Play cards to increase the number of cards you draw in order to find the Blue Falcon cards, then play them against your opponents to eliminate them. Blue Falcon has simple rules but tons of card interactions which make every game totally different. The tarot-sized cards are beautifully illustrated in comic book style by the author of Scuttlebutt Comics, Megan Willcoxson.
The newest game in the arsenal for War Games, in conjunction with The Duffel Blog. The Kickstarter is funded, and you will be able to buy a copy in our shop soon!

Our Team

War Games is owned and operated by three pretty awesome military vets, representing Army, Navy, and Marine Corps!

Providing only the best games and leisure activities for all military active and retired alike.



Justin Burgess is a co-founder and the COO of War Games LLC. He’s also a firearms and alcohol enthusiast, often enjoying both his hobbies at the same time… continue reading


Mike is the newest owner on the block and the VP of Marketing of War Games LLC. He is a multitasking fool and our Board Game design and Branding Mad Scientist… continue reading

Kevin Jacobson is one of the founding members of War Games LLC. He is the CFO and Vice President of Design and Development. His talents include creative writing… continue reading