About Kevin Jacobson

Kevin Jacobson is one of the founding members of War Games LLC. He is the CFO, Art Coordinator, and VP of Design and Development. His talents include creative writing, refining game mechanics and balance, the meaningless lifting of heavy objects, and consumption of delicious hops-based beverages.

Kevin spent 5 years enlisted in the Marine Corps, eventually ending his service at the rank of Sergeant. He was a Data Network Marine stationed in Okinawa and Norfolk, respectively, and performed additional assignments as an instructor to the Filipino Marine Corps, volunteer on Operation Tomodachi, and heroic Duty NCO at the barracks on Camp Kinser, making sure his fellow heroes checked their drunken asses in by midnight.

He now resides in Everett, WA, holds an Associate’s Degree in Networking and System Administration, is married to a beautiful woman who has a cooler career than him, and occasionally writes for the Duffel Blog under the pseudonym “Jake Slager”.

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